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This is a list of blankers included with MorphOS. Click thumbnails to get bigger images.

MorphOS Preferences application has own charasteristic settings for all blankers to change their behaviour.

Blanker ASwarm.png ASwarm
A wild chase with social insects.
Blanker Atlantis.png Atlantis
Shark attack.
Blanker BlockTube.png BlockTube
Flying blocks.
Blanker Boing.png Boing
A recreation of the well-known C= Amiga demo from the 1980s.
Blanker Butterflies.png Butterflies
Flying butterflies.
Blanker C64 Retro.png C64 Retro
C64 emulator blanker.
Blanker Feathers.png Feathers
3D feathers.
Blanker Flurry.png Flurry
Fly fly flurry!
Blanker Fraktal3D.png Fraktal3D
3D fractal generator.
Blanker Fuzzy Flakes.png Fuzzy Flakes
Flakes falling.
Blanker Galaxia.png Galaxia
Spinning and colliding galaxies.
Blanker Game of Life.png Game of Life
Game of Life simulator.
Blanker Gears.png Gears
The famous OpenGL example demo.
Blanker GLMatrix.png GLMatrix
Matrix-like effect.
Blanker Icon Wall.png Icon Wall
A wall created with icons.
Blanker Luppa.png Luppa
Magical lens flying around your screen.
Blanker Maze.png Maze
Draws and solves mazes.
Blanker Morph3D.png Morph3D
Morphing 3D object.
Blanker Pictures.png Pictures
Recursive picture viewer.
Blanker Plasma.png Plasma
Psychedelic colored plasma effect.
Blanker Solar Winds.png Solar Winds
Blanker Spikeball.png Spikeball
Rotating spikeball.
Blanker Sproingies.png Sproingies
Fellow sproingies climbing stairs reversely.
Blanker Toaster.png Toaster
The must of blankers.